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  • This ONE - Specificity from drama class, Speak with a Clear head, and Strategic thinking

This ONE - Specificity from drama class, Speak with a Clear head, and Strategic thinking

How I learned to be more strategic by acting as an old auntie

This ONE by Yolanda Yu

This ONE idea and its manifestations in life and career

Happy This ONE Friday!

For the very reason that I am late for my homework (Weekly newsletter), my podcast “Unfinished Thoughts with Yolanda Yu” was finally born.

Why “unfinished thoughts”?

Because the moment human beings finish thinking, they start to believe that those thoughts are true and cast them in stone.

Ahha, history is always made with accidents!

For today’s issue, you are going to listen to me (or read below should you choose to).

This ONE Idea

“Specificity is being so deeply connected with a particular thing, not anything else that is similar to it.”

Yolanda Yu
  • How I learned “specificity” from my drama class, acting as an old woman with a real old woman acting as a young girl.

  • Manifestation I. Communications - Our struggle to be clear and on the point comes from the lack of specificity.

  • Manifestation II. personal branding - We can’t be distinct if not specific.

  • Manifestation III. strategy - With specificity, the character and the idea come alive. Specificity comes from details at the forest level, not the tree level.

  • Practical tips to achieving specificity in how we think, speak, and act

    • How to be intentional in using an influencing style in each situation

    • How to strengthen mental agility at different levels (see my earlier article on convergent and divergent thinking)

    • How to strengthen self-command of passing thoughts, emotions, and how we interact with the external world

    • How to expand capacity to honor your insights: building a richer vocabulary and a holding space

    • How to use specificity when planning a townhall meeting or thinking about your boss 😝

Announcement: My upcoming webinar on Next Tuesday

Futureproof your career - How to fall in love (with AI)

With Kevin Pereira, Managing Director, Blu Artificial Intelligence


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Until next week,

Yolanda Yu
Coach and lifelong learner

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