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Emotions unmasked: the Kaleidoscope of Your Inner World

How high is your emotional literacy?

This ONE by Yolanda Yu

This ONE idea and its manifestations in life and career

Happy This ONE Friday!

A big “thank you” to everyone who provided feedback! Your insights, both encouraging and constructive, are invaluable. Moving forward, I’ll make my content more digestible by keeping it shorter and simpler. Instead of five branches of one idea, I'll focus on delivering one main point at a time.

To ensure I cover topics in the depth they deserve, I'll write longer content for those that resonate most with you. So, keep the feedback coming!

This ONE Idea

“Instead of resisting any emotion, the best way to dispel it is to enter it fully, embrace it and see through your resistance”

Deepak Chopra​

Ever feel like your mind is a noisy place? Our brains constantly tell us all kinds of stories—some fair, some biased, and many outdated. How do we navigate this mental noise? Watch the movie below for simple but actionable insights.

How high is your Emotional Literacy?

This concept, often tied to emotional intelligence, refers to the ability to recognize, understand, label, express, and regulate emotions effectively.

Let me introduce the Plutchik Wheel of Emotions. While you can always learn more here, my intention is for you to get some basic ideas:

  • Emotions are complex. Emotions can be likened to color palettes, where different emotions have various saturations and hues. Just as colors blend to create new shades, emotions also blend to form more complex feelings. e.g. Serenity + acceptance = love

  • Emotions vary in intensity. Different intensities of the same emotion result in distinct feelings. For example, annoyance is much milder than anger, which in turn is less intense than rage.

Question For You

What emotions have you been resisting? Can you name them?

In coaching sessions, whenever I sense the presence of emotions, I invite my coachee to pause and reflect. Together, we explore these emotions, often uncovering not just one or two, but a complex mix of feelings.

Until next week,

Yolanda Yu
Coach and lifelong learner

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